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  Ladies and Gentlemen: My topic is Honesty.

  As a correspondent of the Qingdao Morning News, I visited Dr. James Gilman, the President of the International Committee for Marco Polo Studies in England. In this picture, this is James, and this is me and we are looking at a dragon’s tooth. This is a true story.

  65 years ago, James lived in Qingdao. Then he was only 5 years old. He often visited the Aquarium and was fascinated by a creature on display there, which he thought was a dragon. He was afraid of its sharp teeth and wanted one to keep as a treasure.

  In the late 1930s, when the Japanese occupied Qingdao, his family had to leave. On his last day in Qingdao, he ran to the Aquarium and pulled out one of the teeth from the dragon’s mouth.

  He kept the tooth for the next 65 years, but the feeling of guilt at having stolen it was there in the background all through his life. It was always on his conscience, and the feeling intensified as he became older. Finally he decided to put right his childish error. In 2002, he visited Qingdao and returned it to the Aquarium with his sincere apologies. He received a warm welcome.

  When James visited Qingdao, I accompanied him all the time and reported on his visit. I was deeply touched by his honesty. It has taught me a lot. I think to err is human. The important thing is to have the courage to admit and correct one’s error.

  Honesty is a vital quality of human behaviour. So we should try to keep an honest mind in everything we say and do. I would like to say to all of my friends: Let’s be honest people of good moral character.

  Thank you.











  Beggars are one of the most familiar groups in every city. They accompany us from our childhood until now, and I"ve found both the beggars and I change in this journey.

  Years ago as a little girl, when I came across some old and disabled beggars on the road, I"d donate some pocket money to them, happily thinking I was helping. s I have grown older, I"ve found the number of beggars has grown larger and they are more diverse. They appear in every corner of the city, on the overbridge, on the street, near restaurants, and even at your door. In contrast with the old days, it seems like the situation with beggars today is more complicated, which has made me hesitate before deciding whether to help them or not.

  It"s hard for me to give them money considering some who appear beggars in day time but dress up and go to fancy restaurants at night; and some who are controlled by some illegal organization and the money they get all goes to the organization. If I help them, I"d be making the problem worse, I"d be doing harm to the society, indirectly. But it"s also hard not to give them money, considering there"re real beggars who really need help. If I don"t help them, who will? And where is my sympathy?

  What hurts me the most is not how hard it is to distinguish the real help-seekers from the many false ones, but that some children are forced by adults, sometimes even their parents, to beg. They grow up despised by the world, out of mainstream society. When I see their eyes filled with desperation and impudence instead of purity and innocence, my heart sinks. We don"t know how they will face the world when they grow up, how this will shape their characters, and what they may do to the society, to perpetuate this cycle of violence.

  Months ago the Fu Jian government has promulgated a new policy to deal with 8 kinds of beggars. An internet survey shows that over 80% of voters reacted positively toward the policy. We know that one single policy cannot solve a problem as complex as this one, but we do look forward to some improvement. I wish all humanity can live like human.





  想到那些白天装作乞丐行乞,而夜晚换装后跑到宾馆作乐的人;想到那些被不法集团控制,然后把乞讨来的钱上交给集团的人,我真的很难做到给他们钱。可是,想到那些真正需要帮助的乞丐,又很难做到不帮他们。如果不帮他们,我的同情心死到哪去了? 最让我难受的,并不是因为从众多的假乞丐中找出真乞丐是多么的困难,而是那些被成人,甚至被父母教唆,去乞讨的孩子们。他们在歧视中长大,和主流社会脱离。当我看到他们眼睛里本应有的纯真和童稚被绝望和无耻取代时,心里便很难受。我们不知道他们长大后会怎样面对这个世界,他们的性格会被童年的经历塑造成什么样子,以及他们有可能对社会做出怎样的事情---让恶性循环继续?



  Dear teachers and schoolmates:

  Hello, good morning! At the beginning of the New Year, vientiane update, we ushered in the new semester!

  For a year, we are full of infinite miss and grateful. Miss our study, work and life, grateful to our parents, teachers and classmates. For the New Year, a new starting point, each of us can have a look forward to: tomorrow we"ll get more wonderful.

  The new semester to have a new start, new hope. Einstein once said "interest is the real teacher". I hope the students can find and develop your own interest, because interest is the real source of active learning and knowledge innovation, we are going to have responsibility, all-round development.

  The lightning flash, has in the past one year. We have opened a new chapter. Yesterday"s failure and glory has in the past, the key is to seize today. We don"t need to lose heart, because the eagle flying in the sky, hard to avoid can hurt folding wings, horse Mercedes in the earth unavoidably stumble off the bone. Only standing on high, to be eligible for a fall, and fall, you and I still have dignity, that is enough to make people who stand to shame.

  Here, I also want to tell the three friends: you are waiting for the chrysalis pupa, June is ready to accept the baptism of haiyan, is going to test room in the realization of Normandy warrior! Today has been waiting for all the eleven in the spring and autumn, it"s time for your sprint at the same time. Quafoo chasing after the sun, die of thirst; Jingwei reclamation, unswervingly. Stick to it, we will never give up!

  Let us in this time of a new round of sunrise, in order to our ideal together!









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